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Project Description
Super simple ASP.NET helper for rendering Twitter avatars / profile images.

How to get it

Only installable via NuGet: Install-Package twavatar

(You all use NuGet by now, right?)

How to use it

In an ASP.NET MVC view, just write @Html.TwitterAvatar("tathamoddie")

Want a different size? Try @Html.TwitterAvatar("tathamoddie", Twavatar.Size.Mini)

Just want the URL? Use new AvatarUrlBuilder().BuildUrl("tathamoddie")

Why it exists

Twitter avatars / profile images are stored on Amazon S3. To generate the URL you need to know the user's Twitter ID (the numeric one) and the original filename of the file they uploaded. To determine these, there's a Twitter API you can call but that's just a hassle.

To simplify all this, @joestump launched the wonderful service. For now, this library just renders an image tag that points to that service. The advantage of using this library instead of calling it directly though is that we can easily push out new implementations in the future if this service was to ever be discontinued.

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